Holmes Air Purifier: One Of The Best Air Purifier Device That Eliminates Contaminants From Your Indoor Air, Which Are As Small As 2 Microns, By Up To 99-Percent.(My Review)

Are you finding it a challenge to choose the best air purifier?Challenge To Choose Holmes Air Purifier

Summer brings us the best weather, which means lots of outdoor activities. However, with all the best things that it comes with, you face some challenges when it comes to your indoor air, for instance, air pollution and allergens.


Holmes Air Purifier


One device that can help you reduce these microbes is your air cleaner or air purifier. It enables you to remove contaminants from your indoor air. One brand that you should consider buying is the Holmes air purifier.


The reason is that comes with an extra filter that removes airborne particles, which are as small as 2 microns, by up to 99-percent. This review looks at its features and functions, pros and cons and finally delivers its conclusion.

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Features and Functions:


  • Extra Filter

The Holmes air purifier comes with an additional filter, which ensures that what you get is clean indoor air without harmful particles such as dust, pet dander, pollen and dirt. Remember that they are the causes of conditions such as allergy and asthma.


  • HEPA-Type Tower Design

The tower design ensures that this air purifier doesn’t take up to much space in your home. It’s ideal for rooms up to 180 square feet. Remember that you have other home appliances, which means that you should consider this air cleaner as it saves space.


  • Washable Pre-Filter

It has a pre-filter that’s washable and has three-speed settings, CADR of 116 for smoke and optional ionizer. The optional ionizer’s negative ions bind dust, dust, pollen and airborne smoke to form larger particles that can be easily trapped by the filters.

You can wash the air Holmes air purifier inlet grill with soapy water that’s hot (not dishwasher-safe). However, ensure that it gets entirely dry before you replace it into the unit. You can also use a soft, small brush to sweep its top air outlet.


  • Baking Soda Enhanced FilterHolmes Air Purifier

The filter is enhanced with baking soda, which enables this air purifier to eliminate indoor odors. The indicator light makes you know when to change the filter.



  • Standard Filter

Holmes Air Purifier Filter

The Holmes air purifier is built up to NORTH AMERICAN ELECTRICAL STANDARDS. You work hard for your money, which means that you need a quality device that matches the value of your money.


5 Year Warranty

Holmes Air Purifier 5 Year warranty


===> This product comes with 5-year-warranty. It means that by buying this air purifier, what you get is the best value for your money.


ProsHolmes Air Purifier Review

The Holmes air purifier lived up to its marketing messages during this review. In my case, I’ve a cat which sheds lots of thick, short hair. I’m slightly allergic to pet dander, which means I’ve trouble sleeping in the same room with it.

Fortunately, since I bought this air purifier last week, I haven’t had any symptoms of an asthma attack as was often the case, which means that value this device. -newell bergeron


If you suffer from lung problems, this is a must have in your home.cleans the air very well. My father suffers from COPD so I bought 5 to disperse throughout his house. Since then, his energy level has gone up significantly and his average oxygen saturation went from 94% to 97% when at home.

If you suffer from long problems, I highly suggest this Air Cleaner. -Nolan Moskowitz


  • This air purifier removes all kitchen odors. It’s big and powerful, and in my case, I bought two extra odor filters. They clean the entire air odor after around 12 hours, which is great.


  • It offers you the best air flow and has a sturdy fan. The result is that it purifies your entire indoor air.




  • It produces a sound that’s a bit loud. However, considering its many amazing features, it’s one area that I can overlook.




Holmes Air Purifier satisfaction Guarantee

The Holmes air purifier is one device that you should consider having in your home. It has many excellent features that will serve you well if you want to get rid of indoor odor and harmful indoor allergens that trigger allergies and asthma conditions.



Holmes Air Purifier F.A.Q

Q: Where to buy Holmes Air Purifier?

A: You can buy Holmes directly through the manufacturer through this link.

Good Luck, And Wishing You A Long Healthy Life!

-Sharon Anderson